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Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado provides high-quality diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems for men, women, and families living in and around Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Jordan Cameron, DPM, and Joseph Fleck, DPM, Trevor Whiting, DPM, and Matthew Hinderland, DPM lead the team and bring more than two decades of combined experience to the practice. Each provider is humble and compassionate and treats patients with the utmost care and respect. 

The team at Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado sets aside plenty of time to conduct thorough initial consultations, listening to each patient’s symptoms and concerns. After gathering the necessary information, they establish several treatment options to let their patients decide what’s best for their specific needs.

All of the team members at the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado have advanced training in ankle arthroscopy, minimally invasive foot surgery, ankle replacement surgery, and trauma of the foot and ankle. This knowledge and expertise ensure high patient satisfaction and long-lasting results. 

The team works with people of all ages from infants and teenagers to middle-aged adults and seniors, and they have a special interest in treating athletic individuals suffering from sports-related injuries as well as those with surgical needs. 

Patients can access treatment for a wide-variety of common problems, including ankle sprains, bunions, flat feet, foot pain, fractures, hammertoe, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and tendonitis. The team also offers custom made orthotics and regenerative medicine. 

To receive the best, most comprehensive foot and ankle care, partner with the team at the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado. Make an appointment with the team today by calling the nearest office or clicking the online booking tool. 

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Our team of podiatrists have been serving the Colorado Springs community for over 8 years.

Learn more about the Lapiplasty treatment for bunions here.

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"Dr. Cameron is a great Podiatrist with an amazing bedside manner."

K Brass

"Dr. Gloshat and all of the physicians in this practice are amazing. They are kind, caring, and down to earth. They have wonderful bedside manners and a great sense of humor. We were blessed to land here when we needed a podiatrist."

Kelli Adamson

"Dr. Hinderland is the best podiatrist I have ever been to. He performed my surgeries flawlessly."

Kandace Hardson


Here are the insurances we are currently contracted with. If you have any questions regarding your coverage, please call the office

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Friday Health Plan
Kaiser Permanente
United Health Care

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Words from our patients

  • "Took care of my longtime foot problem that had been getting worse in recent months in a single visit. Thank you!"

    Verified Patient
  • "The Doctor was so very nice and down to earth! He gave me options for my feet issues, and informed me on what steps to take to ensure the best quality of life possible."

    Tosha A.
  • "I was very satisfied with my first visit!!! I’m setting up surgery with Dr. Hinderland and am confident that it will be a success!"

    Elaine C.
  • "Staff was friendly. There was hardly any waiting. And process was really quick. Would recommend for everyone."

    Michael S.
  • "Dr. Hinderland was patient and let me ask all of the questions I had without making me feel rushed. The staff is very pleasant."

    Verified Patient
  • "Relaxing atmosphere, professional & courteous staff. They were very thorough, patient, and took the time to answer all of my questions in "non medical school" language."

    Clay D.
  • "My Doctor Brian Baker was able to refer me and F&A worked me into their schedule same day. Thanks sincerely for this timely service and care."

    Ken J.
  • "I found the office to highly professional, friendly, and genuinely concerned about my particular issue"

    Craig R.
  • "Dr Hinderland was both very knowledgeable and empathetic. He took the time to explain my options and answer any and all questions I had."

    Ellen G.
  • "The Foot and Ankle staff was very nice and Dr. Hinderland was very professional, kind and knowledgeable."

    Verified Patient
  • "I'm very pleased with Dr. Hinderland. My wife is a patient of his. He did a marvelous procedure on her foot and ankle. Quite extensive surgery and quite successful."

    Gerald D.
  • "What an amazing experience ! I was given the best care around and was treated very well and with professionalism . Thank you all for being amazing"

    Mark G.
  • "Dr. Hinderland did not just fix the surface problems of my foot, but he offered to reconstruct the foot so I will not have any of the little problems."

    Mark O.
  • "Andrea was awesome in checking me in and checking me out and handling my insurance information. A huge THANK YOU Andrea."

    Amanda K.


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