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Ankle arthroscopy is an advanced procedure used to diagnose and treat many ankle joint issues. At Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, skilled podiatric surgeons Matthew Hinderland, DPM, Jordan Cameron, DPM, Trevor Whiting, DPM, and Joseph Fleck, DPM, have advanced training in ankle arthroscopy. They regularly use ankle arthroscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions like chronic ankle pain, ankle instability, ligament repair, and more. Book an appointment online or by calling either office to speak with a friendly team member today.

Ankle Arthroscopy Q & A

What is ankle arthroscopy?

Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado uses a minimally invasive procedure called ankle arthroscopy to diagnose and also treat damage within your ankle joint.

In this procedure, your podiatry specialist makes very small incisions in your ankle area and then places an arthroscope — a slender tube containing a light source and a miniature camera — through one of the incisions. 

The camera relays images of your joint to a screen next to you. Your specialist analyzes these images to check for damage and make a diagnosis. Ankle arthroscopy is also an ideal way to perform several surgical corrections if needed.

When do I need an ankle arthroscopy?

You may need ankle arthroscopy if you have, or suspect you have, any of the following:

  • Anterior ankle impingement
  • Posterior ankle impingement
  • Arthritis
  • Arthrofibrosis
  • Fractures
  • Chronic infection
  • Loose bodies
  • Ligament tear
  • Cartilage damage
  • Scar tissue 
  • Joint lining inflammation (synovitis)

If you have persistent ankle pain or instability with no clear cause, your podiatric care provider at Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado can perform an ankle arthroscopy to check for changes within the joint that may indicate arthritis or other kinds of damage. 

What can I expect during my ankle arthroscopy?

During this outpatient procedure, you'll receive local anesthesia in most cases. Some ankle arthroscopies require a nerve block or general anesthesia. After your ankle is completely numb, your specialist gently expands your ankle joint using a specialized device. 

Then, they make a tiny incision. The arthroscope goes into the incision so your specialist can view the joint in detail. If you need any type of surgical correction, your specialist places specialized miniature surgical instruments through additional small incisions. 

After performing any necessary corrections, your specialist closes the incisions with small sutures and your procedure is complete. 

How do I recover after ankle arthroscopy?

The arthroscopic surgery experts at the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado give you specific instructions regarding recovery. Every recovery is different because the number of incisions, specific type of procedure, and procedure complexity can vary widely from one arthroscopy to the next. 

Instructions typically include foot elevation for a minimum of a few days, along with ice packs to reduce swelling. Ask your specialist for medication advice after your ankle arthroscopy.

Book an appointment online or call the arthroscopic surgery experts at Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado today.