Why Do Kids Get Heel Pain?

Heel pain happens in children very frequently because the epiphyseal plate (or growth plate) becomes inflammed and irritated.  As we grow, part of the way our calcaneus (or heel bone) grows is by a growth plate on the back of the heel.  Unfortunately, this can become painful from the pull of the Achilles tendon proximally and the pull of the plantar fascia distally.

This condition is called Sever's disease or calcaneal apophysitis and is commonly caused by kids playing sports or having a high level of activity.  We can often help treat this by using custom orthotics and also using ice, rest, and anti-inflammatories as well as certain stretching exercises.  

Having foot and ankle pain is not normal!  Call our foot and ankle expert today at 719-488-4664, so we can help identify the source of your pain and eliminate it!  

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