What Is A Hammertoe?

Hammertoes are flexion deformities through a joint in the toe that typically cause pain either on the top of the toe from shoe irritation or at the end of the toe from chronic rubbing.  Hammertoes are technically a contracture through the proximal interphalangeal joint. Another subset of hammertoes called mallet toes are when the toe contracts through the distal interphalangeal joint.

These toe deformities typically develop over years from chronic tendon imbalances.  We use terms like flexor stabilization and extensor substitution to describe how these imbalances pull the toe into a hammertoe over time.  Sometimes, acute tears in the plantar plate can also be a cause of a hammertoe developing.

Treatment options for hammertoes include modifying shoes, toe crest pads, silipos gel pads, and surgical straightening of the toe.  If you are experiencing pain from a hammertoe, we can help you.  Call our Colorado Springs foot and ankle surgeon today at 719-488-4664.

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