What Can I Do About An Ingrown Toenail?

What your podiatrist in Colorado Springs, Colorado, wants you to know

An ingrown toenail can be annoying and painful. You may have trouble wearing shoes because of the pain and pressure. You can prevent ingrown toenails by following a few simple steps. If you do get an ingrown toenail, there are some excellent home remedies you can try. Dr. Matthew Hinderland, your podiatrist at Foot & Ankle Institute of Colorado in Colorado Springs, Colorado, wants to share what you need to know about ingrown toenails.

People who have toenails that curve down naturally are at higher risk of ingrown toenails. You can also develop an ingrown toenail if you:

You will know you have an ingrown toenail if:

Fortunately, you can do a lot to prevent ingrown toenails. Remember these simple tips:

If you do develop an ingrown toenail, try these simple tips at home:

If your ingrown toenail doesn’t heal with home remedies, it’s time to visit Dr. Hinderland. He may suggest:

You don’t need to suffer from an ingrown toenail when help is just a phone call away. Get some relief from throbbing ingrown toenail pain by calling Dr. Matthew Hinderland, your podiatrist at Foot & Ankle Institute of Colorado in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Help your toes by calling today!

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