What Are Tailor's Bunions And What Causes Bumps On The Outside Of Feet?

Tailor's bunions are bumps that form on the outside of the foot around the base of the fifth toe. They are caused by a prominent bone laterally over the fifth metatarsal head. They can either be caused because of bone spurs growing over this area, or because the angle between the fourth and fifth metatarsals is increased, which causes this area to be prominent on the foot.  Tailor's bunions are somtimes confused with more common bunion or hallux valgus defomities, which cause a prominent bump behind the big toe over the inside of the foot.

These bumps can become painful because nerves run over the area, and the bone can pinch the nerve against shoes. Shoes that are too narrow and push on the bumps, typically make these areas feel worse. Wearing wider shoes and using padding over the bumps can help relieve the pain.

If pain persists despite shoe modifications, tailor's bunions can be surgically corrected as well. In mild cases, sometimes the bump can simply be shaved off. In most cases when they are more severe, a bone cut called an osteotomy is necessary to realign the bone and straighten it, so it no longer gives pain with shoes.

Many times when people have tailor's bunions, they also have an adductovarus fifth toe (hammertoe) deformity. We often recommend straightening this at the same time we are fixing a tailor's bunion deformity.  This is done to try to realign both the fifth metatarsal and the fifth toe to try to decrease the risk of any residual problems with the fifth toe.

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Dr. Matthew Hinderland Board Certified Podiatrist and Foot and Ankle Surgeon

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