Midfoot Sprains, Fractures, and Pain and What Can Be Done to Help

Midfoot pain is a common problem that we see patients for.  This can be caused by a variety of problems, and treatment can vary depending on the cause of the pain.  Sprains of the midfoot are a common reason people get pain, and often times with correct immobilization, these will heal on their own.  If you suffer a midfoot sprain, it is important to make sure that the Lisfranc ligament has not been ruptured when this occurs.

Fractures of the midfoot are also pretty common especially from injuries that put high impact and traumatic forces through the area.  If the fractures are minimally displaced, they will sometimes heal in a cast without needing surgery.  If the bones are displaced or the joint surfaces are involved, we typically do recommend fixing these surgically to try to realign the foot to as close to normal anatomy as possible.

If you have more chronic pain over the midfoot, often times this is caused from arthritis developing.  We typically treat this first with anti-inflammatories and icing and resting and potentially cortisone type injections.  Custom orthotics are also helpful for this type of arthritis to support the joints better.

If the conservative treatments for midfoot arthritis pain do not help adequately, fusion of the joint surfaces can also help alleviate the pain.  We typically remove the bone spurs and arthritis from the joint and then use screws and plates to perform fusion of the joints which takes the 2 bones that were rubbing on each other and causing pain, and makes those 1 bone that no longer hurts or moves.  It can make the foot a little bit more stiff, but depending on how arthritic the joint already was, most of the time the stiffness is not very noticeable to patients.

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Dr. Matthew Hinderland Board Certified Podiatrist and Foot and Ankle Surgeon

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