How should painful bumps on your feet be treated?

Painful bumps on the foot are pretty common and can be cause by several different things.  Shoes that rub over the bump can compress nerves and cause irritation, so one of the first treatments that can be tried at home is padding the area or wearing shoes that don't rub over the area.  There are different types of pads shaped like a doughnut or like a horse shoe that are often helpful to take pressure of bumps on the foot.

The most common bump on the foot that we see is a bunion.  A bunion is typically either inherited from a parent or worsened from shoegear. Bunions occur when the big toe joint isn't sitting straight and the angle between the 1st metatarsal and 2nd metatarsal is increased.  This causes a bulging of the bone over the medial foot that can be painful.  Bunions occur in all age groups, so we see them in children as well as adults.

Other bumps on the foot are commonly cause from bone spurs or osteophytes.  These typically grow on joints that have become arthritic.  We see these form in the foot most commonly on the big toe joint (1st metatarsophalangeal joint), the midfoot at the tarsometatarsal joints, and the ankle joint.  If offloaded and other conservative measures don't relieve the pain, removed the bone spurs surgically can also be helpful.

The other bump on the foot that can cause pain commonly is caused from a ganglion cyst.  Ganglion cysts form in the hands and feet from a fluid pocket forming that is typically filled with synovial fluid.  If you have a bump that you can move around and is mobile, a ganglion cyst is once potential possibility for what it can be.  These can be treated in several ways, but either aspirating the cyst or surgical excision of the cyst are the most common means of treatment if they are painful.

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Dr. Matthew Hinderland Board Certified Podiatrist and Foot and Ankle Surgeon

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