Flatfeet are a common problem that can be genetic and run in families, but also can occur as our feet are used over the years and the posterior tibial tendon loses its ability to function as well as it should.  When flatfeet become painful, there are several different treatment options that can be used to help decrease your pain.  Custom orthotics are used to help support the arch and decrease pain.  If orthotics aren't able to satisfactorily decrease your pain, surgical options are also available to relaign and correct a flatfoot.  Call our Colorado Springs office today at 719-488-4664 to get help today!

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Office CLOSED 3/14/24 for Winter Storm

Our office will be closed on 3/14/24 for the anticipated large impact winter storm that is approaching.  We will still be available by phone at 719-488-4664 during business hours to help you.