Ankle Sprains

What should you do for ankle sprains?  Ankle sprains used to not be treated very aggressively, and over time we have realized they can lead to some significant problems.  We treat acute ankle sprains now with more inital immobilization followed by physical therapy and rehabilitation to try to prevent further injury. 

In some cases, people continue to have pain or instability leading to further injuries.  If you or a friend is experiencing this, don't delay treatment.  Early intervention can be crutial to preventing more longterm problems.  Call our Foot and Ankle Specialist today at 719-488-4664!

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What to do with pain on the ball of the foot

If you have any foot and ankle pain, it is not normal and should be evaluated by one of our Colorado Springs expert podiatrists as soon as possible.  Our team and Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado strives to treat you like one of our own family members.

How should painful bumps on your feet be treated?

Painful bumps on the foot are pretty common and can be cause by bunions, bone spurs and ganglion cysts.  Shoes that rub over the bump can compress nerves and cause irritation, so one of the first treatments that can be tried at home is offloading.