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Welcome Dr. Darrick Dominick to Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado!

We are excited to announce that Dr. Darrick Dominick has joined our practice at Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado!  Dr. Dominick did his residency training at the prestigious West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he did a 3 year comprehensive foot and ankle surgical reconstructive residency.  He then went on to complete additional fellowship training for 1 year at Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship at the American Foundation of Lower Extremity Surgery & Research in Alamogordo, New Mexico. 

Dr. Dominick brings a wealth of knowledge to our practice, and we are exciting to have him and his family join our Colorado Springs community.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dominick or any of our podiatrists and foot and ankle surgeons, call us today at 719-488-4664, so we can help you.  Dr. Dominick and all the surgeons at Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado try to treat you in a manner that they would want to be treated and treat you like you are one of their own family members in a humble and compassionate manner.

Dr. Matthew Hinderland Board Certified Podiatrist and Foot and Ankle Surgeon

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