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By Foot & Ankle Institute of Colorado
May 23, 2017
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Foot and ankle surgery is sometimes necessary when a patient's condition is at an advanced stage that doesn’t respond to non-invasive foot surgerytreatments. Learn more about the various types of foot and ankle surgeries available at Foot & Ankle Institute of Colorado in Colorado Springs, CO.

Foot and Ankle Surgery as a Last Resort
Surgery of the foot or ankle is usually considered the last option for doctors—the preferred treatment is a non-invasive solution like physical therapy, splinting or orthotics. But when these therapies don’t provide significant results and there’s pain, surgery can give you great relief and get you back on your feet.

Types of Foot and Ankle Surgery
The type of foot and ankle surgery your Colorado Springs podiatrist will recommend will depend on the exact ailment you’re experiencing. Here are a few common foot and ankle problems and their corresponding surgeries:

  • Bunions (bunionectomy to realign bone and remove the bump of bone on your foot)
  • Heel Spurs (surgery to remove the bony growth from the underside of the heel)
  • Plantar Fasciitis (surgery to lengthen the fascia and release the tension)
  • Arthritis of the foot and ankle (fusion surgery to join bones together)
  • Achilles tendonitis (surgery to repair the effects of tendon inflammation or rupture)
  • Hammertoes (a surgical procedure to remove or realign the bones causing the toes to stick out)
  • Ankle fractures (surgery to hold the bones and joints of the ankle together in the proper alignment so that it can heal properly and decrease the risk of post-traumatic arthritis)
  • Arthroscopy (minimally invasive surgery to remove inflammation and repair cartilage defects)

A Few Details About Foot and Ankle Surgery
Your foot and ankle surgeon may perform a number of tests and take X-rays of your foot to pinpoint the exact cause of your foot pain, discomfort or deformity. If surgery is ultimately determined to be the best course of action, you may need to schedule some time off of work if it involves strenuous activity and to avoid sports. Many foot surgeries are outpatient procedures—you can go home with a loved one right afterward. You may be put under general anesthesia (sleep sedation) for some surgeries and locally injected anesthesia for other types of procedures.

See Your Podiatrist Soon
If you have a severe foot or ankle problem that isn’t getting better, it’s important that you see your foot and ankle doctor as soon as possible to find out if surgery may be necessary. The road to better foot and ankle health may be just one phone conversation away. Call Dr. Matthew Hinderland at (719) 488-4664 to schedule an appointment at the Foot & Ankle Institute of Colorado in Colorado Springs CO.