September 11, 2017
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Lisfranc fractures are fractures in the midfoot through the tarsometatarsal joint that are commonly missed.  On less severe fractures, unless xrays are taken with weight on the foot, the fractures can be missed because they are difficult to see.  Patients often present to our office after being told they had a foot sprain, but they don't realize they actually have a fracture in their foot until a weightbearing xray or more advanced imagine is performed.  

These fractures have many different levels of severity, but they can lead to arthritic problems in the feet, so relaligning the joints of the midfoot surgically is often the best treatment option.  If you are someone you know is dealing with pain in their feet or ankles that isn't improving, call our podiatric surgeon so we can help get you back on your feet and keep you active!